Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rocket Terror from Gaza

Israelis living in the southern part of the country escaping rockets flying in from Gaza


At least, the German press has, so far, ignored the latest attacks on Israel coming from Palestinian terror organizations in Gaza. The famous problem is that the international press closes its eyes when it comes to Hamas or Hizbollah attacking Israel but, as soon as Israel strikes back, the entire world starts screaming when there are Palestinians being attacked. 

More than 60 rockets have hit Israeli territory within the past few days and Israelis living in the southern region near the border to Gaza keep on running to the bomb shelters. Yesterday, a "Grad Rocket" landed north of Ashdod.

The only solution I see is entering Gaza and finish off Hamas. Unless Israel doesn't take this tough step, nothing is ever going to change. Hamas and its terror friend "Jihad Ha'Islami" may feel much stronger and secure now, as Obama won the elections; and a Barak Hussein Obama who has become a good friend of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood won't go against Hamas but tell Netanyahu to keep quiet. Without Obama's permission, the Israeli army may not enter Gaza and this is why Hamas is just laughing at us and continues shooting rockets.  

Gaza: Apparently Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are cooperating when it comes to their mutual enemy Israel.

Those of you who interested in further details, the Blog of the Israeli army publishes updates :

An Israeli TV report in Hebrew

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