Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cease - fire between Israel and Hamas


I have neglected this blog within the past few days because I was writing about the rocket war from Gaza on one of my German blogs. Now Netanyahu has agreed to a cease - fire and it is quiet. People in southern Israel, especially in Ashkelon and Beersheva, are leaving their bomb shelters and fill the streets enjoying the first quiet moments while the Hamas is celebrating in Gaza. 

Neither the Israeli nor the Hamas government spoke about the cease - fire conditions. What I do know is that the problem is far from being solved. Netanyahu thinks that he won, Hamas is having its party of success and the big looser is Abu Mazen and his Fatach. 

I expected that Netanyahu won't show any guts and give in to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now we are in the same position as we were after the first Gaza war under Olmert. Nothing has changed. Hamas still has its missiles and Israel is hoping for a permanent cease - fire. 

It could be that the cease - fire turns out to be stable but what is going to happen to Sderot, Netivot and other small Negev towns ? The rockets are going to come back and the rest of the country as well as the world won't bother with a rocket or two falling onto Sderot from time to time.

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  1. B"H

    Cease - fire ?

    Further Hamas rockets are hitting Ashkelon and Ashdod.