Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anti - Zionists voting for Obama ?


I am neither and American nor a New Yorker but I am almost certain that quite a few New York Anti - Zionists were voting for Barak Hussein Obama. We all know why and the good thing is that, at least, this shows what those Jews think about Obama: A person rejecting Israel and standing up for Arab countries as well as for Islam. Most of us have heard about the relationship between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. If not, so look at Hillary Clinton and her aid, Huma Abedin.

What is going to happen with Obama as President ? 
It is not a secret that Obama doesn't like Netanyahu but Netanyahu will probably be re - elected in January 2013. There are several reasons for why we are going to face another Netanyahu government. I won't vote for him but many people simply don't see much of an alternative.

Obama is going to use more force on Netanyahu giving further land to the Palestinians. We all know what that means. Huge territories of Samaria and Judea may be handed over to the Palestinians. Don't get too excited ! Peace won't come from giving over more land but rather the opposite, as we have been experiencing since Israel's withdraw from Gush Katif. 

If Satmar and other anti - Zionists think that Obama is going to try destroying Israel, well, they could be right. However, those anti - Zionist know nothing about Israelis and how we are dealing with such attempts. For thousands of years, all kinds of nations have been trying to destroy Israel but, as you can see, we are still around. And let me tell you one more thing: We are going to survive another four Obama years but will America do the same ?

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