Monday, November 12, 2012

The Rocket War from Gaza continues


Today is one of those "melancholic" days. The sky over Jerusalem is mostly grey and it keeps on raining. Winter is here and it is cold outside. A time to sit inside, have a hot cup of coffee or tea, enjoy a hot bowl of soup, light a candle and read or, in my case, write. 

In addition to that, the missile war against Israel continues. I have heard that, only today, twelve rockets from Gaza have hit the southern of our country.  Somehow the Hamas and all Palestinians succeed in persuading the world that Israel is the aggressor. The truth is that if Israel was shooting rockets into Gaza for several years (as the Hamas does to Israel), the world including the UN would freak. Israel would face the worst sanctions but, in our case, the world loves to support Hamas.

You can find news updates on the blog of the Israeli army

or on the homepage of Israel's largest paper ISRAEL HAYOM

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