Saturday, November 10, 2012

Urban Legend: "Snake People" and "Mermaids"


For different reasons, many people are attracted by distorted humans or nature disasters. Mermaids and other strange looking people have been arousing curiosity for hundreds of years. Today, a couple of video fakers put their videos into Youtube in order to get more readers onto their websites. Others just mislead people like in the video showing a "Snake Woman". This video is a complete fake and I wrote a Youtube comment:

It is an obvious computer fake. Furthermore, it is biologically impossible that a being "half man half animal" could exist. According to medical aspects, this is just impossible but people are attracted by the idea and others know how to exploit that kind of curiosity, as you can see in the video.

Until the Flood and Noach's Generation, humans had a different DNA and it was common that babies were born after humans and animals were having sex together. See Talmud Sanhedrin 108 ff. With this kind of perversion, the Generation of Noach destroyed G - d's Ma'aseh Bereshit (creation) and, in my opinion, this was the real reason why G - d brought about the Flood. However, after the Flood, humankind underwent a DNA change and, from then on, it was impossible for a human bearing a baby from an animal.

So, there are neither "Snake People" nor anything similar. On a medical basis, this would simply be impossible ! A human can not become a fly (see movie THE FLY) or any other animal - like monster (see movie THE RELIC). 


Mermaids and other half - human Beings

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