Sunday, November 18, 2012

The modern rocket launchers of Hamas


Germany's left - wing magazine "Der Spiegel" (The Mirror) has its Middle East correspondent Ulrike Putz sitting in Beirut. From there she writes about Israel and while reading her articles, you may get the impression that she is also employed by Hizbollah and Hamas at the same time. Her content is mostly pro - Arab and against Israel, no matter what has happened.

In her latest article, Ms Putz is asking Benjamin Netanyahu to withdraw his forces, as almost all Hamas weapon arsenal had been already destroyed by the Israeli Air Force or in other words, Hamas has no more rockets and thus the war is over and Israel can go home.

Reality looks very different though. Just a few minutes ago, another rocket hit a building in Ashkelon. Hamas continues shooting its rockets and seems to have lots of weapons in store.   

Last night, the Israeli TV news broadcasted a Hamas video showing how the terror group launches its rockets. They found a very modern way and launch from underground. It won't be easy for the Israeli army to find all those new launchers. 

Further Details HERE !

This building in Ashkelon was hit by a Gaza rocket yesterday.

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