Wednesday, January 25, 2012

After the Burnout


Exactly one year ago, I was suffering from a severe burnout attack. Besides work, I couldn't do anything else anymore. Depression, work, depression, work. Although many people claim that they are unable to sleep while suffering from a burnout, I was always able to sleep. However, I stopped eating because I had lost any appetite.

I am a worker and when I work, it is hard for me to stop. Especially when I like what I am doing. Then I just turn into a hopeless workaholic. First, you don't notice the signs your body gives you. I knew that something was wrong but kept on telling myself that I must have caught some kind of a virus. Probably the flu. 

One day, your body is just falling apart and you are hardly able to move let alone to think. The only thought in your mind is how you could get out of this situation. The problem is that, at first, you are not even aware of a situation. 

Eventually I took two steps: Talking to a friend and joining a support group. In my opinion, people don't just suffer from a burnout but there sticks something deeper in their personality. This is why one should definitely analyze why a burnout is happening to him and why he got himself into this kind of situation. Furthermore, one has to learn how to live. Take breaks, go out and take time off. At least an hour or two hours per day and just be with yourself. 

I won't forget this kind of experience I had a year ago. Especially because I learnt a lot about myself. 


  1. B'H

    You wrote "Take breaks, go out and take time off. At least an hour or two hours per day and just be with yourself."

    It reminds me of the Hisbodedus mainly practiced in Breslov circles :-)

  2. B"H

    So, I may be a Breslover than.:-)))))

    But I have to say: It is extremely important for one's own psyche to set time aside. To do something else, even to go to sleep.

  3. Glad to read you are better. Eating is important, as well. When one does not eat, is easier for psychic vampire to suck life from you. For real. Now, go eat some nutritious, life sustaining Kosher food.

  4. B"H

    Nutrition is definitely important but when I was depressed, I had the problem of not being hungry at all.

    Believe it or not: Even in Tel Aviv where I live, kosher food is available.:-)