Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anti - Semitism in Israel's and Germany's Media


Israel's secular press just doesn't get it what kind of a new anti - Semitic wave their anti - haredi propaganda causes abroad. On the one hand, the Israeli government as well as the secular media is always upset and complaining about the rise of anti - Semitism all over the world; on the other hand, it is the Israeli press having a tremendous impact on this particular rise of anti - Semitism abroad. Just look at the present wave of hatred against Israel's haredi society. "Every Haredi is bad, a parasite and hates women !" This is the message being spread. Today it is the Haredim, tomorrow the press is running attacks against national religious settlers. Next week it will be the new Russian immigrants again who are, according to the media, all Mafiosi and the women are prostitutes. As soon as another Ethiopian immigrants kills his wife, Israel's media starts a new attack on all Ethiopian immigrants, as they are "all" primitive and criminals. 

However, what you don't find the secular media complaining about is, for instance, the 40,000 illegal Africans spreading in Tel Aviv . Our secular left - wing press considers those illegal Africans as the true future Israelis because they want to work and join the army. How sick can anyone be thinking that religious Jews are worth less than an illegal Muslim African coming to Israel because he wants to earn money and nothing else. The African has no ideology towards the State of Israel. Place him here today, and he will tell you that he loves Israel. Tomorrow, give him a plane ticket to Europe or the United States and he will claim to become a great American or European.

It is Israel's media having a great part in the rise of anti - Semitism as well as anti - Judaism worldwide. Lets look at the German left - wing magazine DER SPIEGEL. The magazine has always been anti - Semitic towards religious Jews and has been hating the guts out of them. The same with Israeli settlements and any right - wing Knesset member. Don't read what DER SPIEGEL has to say about haredi society these days and don't you ever read the German comments. I made the mistake and did read them and now I understand why Hitler had been so successful in Germany. 


  1. B"H

    Have you seen this article:

    This is going too far. The actions of one individual now has ramifications for other Charedim.

  2. The article should say : "now I understand HOW Hitler had been so successful in Germany" The "WHY" is a completely different topic . . . .