Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ethiopians attacked Chassid in Ashdod


ARUTZ 7 has published a video showing an interview with a Chassid who got attacked by Ethiopians last Friday night. The Chassid, as far as I see, a Gerrer (Gur) Chassid, was walking down a street in the Israeli town of Ashdod and passing a group of Ethiopians hanging around. One of the Ethiopians asked the Chassid what he has to say about the media reports on Haredim. The Chassid didn't want to get into an argument and just answered "Shabbat Shalom". Further he said that he loves all Jews and that he is not a racist. One of the Ethiopians didn't like the response and hit the Chassid into the face. The Chassid who wore glasses was badly injured and the broken glass entered his eye. Later on, he was taken to hospital.

Thanks to Israel's secular press and its hate propaganda against Haredim.

You can also watch the video on KIKAR SHABBAT ! In Hebrew only !

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