Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chabad in Jerusalem's Ben Yehudah Street

Chabad Meshichisten offering Tefillin to every male Jew. Until a few years ago, the Meshichistim had a center located in Ben Yehudah Street but then moved to a different place nearby. What I didn't know but one of the Meshichistim told me: The Ben Yehudah group was sent out to Kfar Chabad once in a while in order to collect donations. Example: Each Meshichist had to walk around separately in Kfar Chabad, ring on doorbells and ask for Zedakah. Apparently some Kfar Chabad inhabitants got mad when, every other minute, a different guy was standing in front of their door asking for money.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


  1. B'H

    The Meshichistim of Ben Yehudah Street are among the craziest meshichistim I have met in my life. But I find them kinder than those in Tzfas

  2. B"H

    That is true !!! :-))))

    They used to have all those nutty Ba'alei Teshuva who no one else accepted. I remember on Israeli guy hanging out of the former Ben Yehudah Center and screaming out of the window that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is the Meshiach. I think this guy is now in Zfat. Where else ? :-)))

    The center used to include a soup kitchen too but was closed, as some clients decided to have a fight and throw the Schabbes Tscholent at each other.

  3. not all Chabad t'fillin blokes are meshichisten.

  4. B'H

    Adam, we were not talking about the whole Chabad world and of course Of course, all the Tfilin stands are not meshichist, thanks G-d. But the Chabad community of Ben Yehuda Street is DEFINITELY Meshichist. They had a website in french (they have a lot of French Baalei Teshuva in their group) and hebrew where they used to post some of their videos with ten times "Yechi" in it!

  5. B"H

    And the Meshiach flag was hanging out of their window. Further, they all wear "Yechi" Kipot and like to dance to "HaRebbe miLubavitch, Melech HaMeshiach" at Zion Square.