Monday, January 2, 2012

Going to Jerusalem


I am going to Jerusalem today in order to look around and catch a bit of the ongoing atmosphere in Ge'ulah and Mea Shearim. If this is possible because the weather is freezing cold. Last night it was pouring rain and no one is in such a good mood either. 

A Mehadrin bus from Egged. As you can see, married couples are allowed sitting together.


  1. That may sound as a silly question: But how does the "married couple" prove that they are married to each other on the bus ?
    Are they expected to make a statement in order to sit together?
    Do people check for wedding bands ?
    (but isn't it only for women ?)

  2. B"H

    The answer is very simple:

    You can recognize a married couple because the woman is covering her hair. Either with all different kinds of hat or a wig.

    How to recognize a wig ?
    When you are into the subject, you will know right away.

  3. Thank you for the reply ... but that wasn't the point.
    I know married women cover their hair.
    I meant : how will it be "established" that a certain woman is really sitting with her own husband ?

    Yes, I know one woman is not supposed to be alone in the company of another man (maybe a close relative only) ... but, so will one say: assuming it LOOKS like they are a married couple, it will be OK ?

    Then one might answer: an observant man/woman will NOT do that (sit w/ another woman/man).

    But again: it could happen and as long as it looks like they are married to each other, it will be accepted (provided people won't know them) ?

    Thanks, I don't tease; I ask seriously. I find theirs (Haredim) a somehow fascinating world. Just not for me.

  4. P.S.- I do recognize wigs, most have the same cut ... or specially in older women with no speck of gray hair.
    Plus, it's not just the wig; it comes with a certain dress-style and body language too.
    So, I was asking NOT how to know a woman is married, but how to establish , she is married to the man with her.

    As we are on the subject: so, if a less traditional couple (woman with no head-cover) boards such bus, they are expected to separate, even if married ?

  5. B"H

    Yes, it could look like that she is married but sitting next to another man. That's true but nobody has to bring a proof. Not everyone is expected to do so but lets say that Haredim usually trust others using such a bus. There can be fakes but most Haredim wouldn't necessarily mess around because someone else may see them. However, the main reason for not behaving in the fake way is that not too many of them are planning on messing around.

    On the other hand, it can also happen that siblings are sitting together.

    You can use such variations on Egged Mehadrin buses but probably not on the private modesty buses coming up.