Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Jewish "Taliban" Women justifying themselves


Although the video documentation is in only in Hebrew, the message is very clear: The Jewish “Taliban” women are justifying themselves by saying that no person has the right to judge his fellow Jew by looking at the clothes. There is much more behind a person than his clothes. The “Taliban” women don’t regard themselves as “cult” but as a group of frum women following their personal strict modesty rules. They are ordinary religious women from different Jewish backgrounds and they are not up to any violent acts or behaviour. 

We all have to realize that there are differences among those women wearing shawls or “Burkas”. Not all frum women covering their heads and shoulders with a shawl regard themselves as members of the “Taliban” movement but as very modest women. And not all of them are followers of Rabbanit Ben Izri who is now the head of the “Taliban” movement. 

I actually do know some of the women appearing in the video. They are from Toldot Aharon and belong to the stricter and more conservative part of the group. The women in Toldot Aharon differ and one notices it by looking at their head covers. There are those women trying to be mre modern and those who really stick to the old Yerushalmi rules and traditions.


    Kudos to them. I strongly amitre their commitment. i wish my husband would allow me to do the same. Be strong, continue you beautiful Mesora.

  2. 3000 years ago women did NOT dress like that.Look at depictions of Cannanites women in Egypt! To say that they just want to dress like our forefathers, then the men should also dress in WHITE and NOT BLACK like the cossacks that killed us in Europe. It is this type of thing that causes their children to spit and throw detergent or urine on other women who very DEMOCRATICALLY, do not agree with their version of 3000 year old dress-code (which is truthfully more like 20th century RADICAL ISLAMIC dress-code). Everyone has the right to dress the way they wish. If they want society to respect their choices then they and their Rabbis should respect our choices and that does not make us less Jewish then them. We may chose to cover our hair with wigs if we want or not cover it at all; to wear jeans or flax dresses (which was what they wore 3000 years ago).