Thursday, January 5, 2012

Haredi women and their rose shoes


Sometimes, haredi women's clothes can be very ugly. I am not talking about Chalukim (house dresses) with all kinds of colours and stripes. No, I am talking about Schabbes clothes, for instance. Dresses with pompons and all different kinds of stripes. The same for the children. Maybe it is just not my style but it does make me wonder how some people define beauty.:-)

Once I was visiting a Tish in Jerusalem's chassidic group Kretchnif where at Toldot Aharon woman was standing next to me. She wore flat black shoes but with a huge plastic rose on top. Those shoes always follow me in my thoughts and when I passed some shoe stores in haredi Bnei Brak, the roses just came into my mind.:-)

By the way, those rose shoes were quite a fashion a while ago and I saw them at many Tishes. 

Women's shoes in Bnei Brak

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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