Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Secular Jews attacking haredi children


Every leftist is screaming against Haredim attacking women and children but hardly anyone is mentioning violent incidents taking place against the haredi population carried out by secular Jews:


  1. Such cowards to attack children. Attacking children is NEVER okay (unless the children are walking around with AKs shooting people).

  2. Hi Miriam,

    As a non-Orthodox Jew, I have absolutely no qualms saying this punk should be arrested for assault and publicly shamed for physically attacking a child, as should anyone who egged him on or supported him.

    However... I have yet to see evidence that this is part of a widespread cultural trend to the degree that we are seeing with the Haredim vis-a-vis datim leumim or hilonim.

    I'm not saying those communities may not have hostile feelings towards Haredim, or that they never engage in violence or harassment. But it does not seem to be on nearly as large a scale or culturally endorsed (or as violent) as what we are seeing from the Haredim. Obviously both are serious problems, but I'm not sure they're exactly equivalent.

    That's just my sense from what I'm seeing in the press. I'm fully aware the reality on the ground may be different.

  3. B"H

    This is going too far.


  4. B"H

    The biggest and widespread problem with Israel's media is that they accuse ALL Haredim although there exists a small minority of those really causing trouble. More and more, we hear about secular Israeli Jews attacking Haredim or making bad remarks. As if we don't have another problems to deal with in our country.

    It is even worse when foreign news agencies pick up the topic and make up their own anti - Semitic stories.

    Believe it or not: There is also a great controversy going on within haredi society. Especially about the Jewish stars and concentration camp symbols at the latest demonstration in Mea Shearim.

  5. Miriam- I do believe it, but it's sad that so much of that dialogue seems to be still happening behind closed doors. What are the reasonable and moderate Haredi folks afraid of? If they don't speak out against the zealots, it perpetuates the stereotype that the silent majority is silent because it doesn't care or even worse, actually agrees with, the lunatic fringe.

    What we need is a "coalition of the reasonable" from all over the Jewish spectrum who are willing to respect and defend each other against the common threats of hatred, violence and extremism, no matter where it comes from.

    People like you, with access to different groups of Jews, have tremendous potential to help the situation.

  6. B"H

    Well, if Rabbi Eliyashiv doesn't speak up, why then should I have any influence ?

    At the moment, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef is speaking up a bit. Against Sikarikim and in favour of treating women with respect. The secular press jumps on his comments and turns them, as if they (the press) has been right by accusing the Haredim.

  7. hehehehe a jew who doesn't keep mitzvot is worse than a goy,i hope they get it someday