Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Christian Missionaries in Israel and how they spend Donations


How fundamentalist Christian missionaries try to convince Jews, Israel's anti - missionary organization YAD Le'ACHIM shows another example. Missionaries don't care about using lies when it comes to further attempts of stealing Jewish soules. 

Why should they care ? 

Christian missionaries organizations based in the US donate millions of Dollars and thus, missionaries are able to rent or purchase expensive houses in Israel. But, dear donors, be aware that many of those people you donate to just hang around in their luxury apartments. They love to waste your money by celebrating parties or laying at the pool. Buying new cars or going on expensive vacation. 

However, the Christian donations are big money and big business and many missionaries have specialized in this field in order to lead their personal luxury life.

More information on missionaries in Israel: YAD Le’ACHIM

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