Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hebrew Book Week 2012

The "Hebrew Book Week" in Tel Aviv last year.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Last night, Israel's annual HEBREW BOOK WEEK started and you can find all kinds of details HERE (in Hebrew only). Every year in June, the book week is taking place and most books are, as the name says, in Hebrew. However, you may also find quite a few English books and just have to find those stands. 

The book week includes all subjects: Novels, computer literature, science fiction, Judaism, children's books, science, anything you can imagine. At some stands you are able to buy books cheaper than in bookstores. Many Israelis get so excited and just buy books according to kilogram.

In earlier days, the HEBREW BOOK WEEK used to be an important event. Entire families were walking up and down the stands in order to buy as much as they could. The the Israeli book discounter "Zomet HaSefarim" opened its many branches starting a new business concept. They wanted to beat their greatest competitor "Steimatzky" and thus offered all kinds of Hebrew books for an unbeatable price. "Steimatzky" saw its customers running to "Zomet HaSefarim" and was forced to react. Today all branches of both book stores offer four books for 100 Shekels (approx. 25 - 30 Dollar). Just to give you an idea: Before all those special offers were introduced, a regular Hebrew novel was sold for 84 or even more Shekels. Hebrew books used to be expensive whereas English books were sold for a much cheaper price.

"Hebrew Book Week" in Tel Aviv (2011)

Photo: Miriam Woelke

No wonder that Israeli authors are upset, as their books are being sold for a few Shekels only. Not enough to live from anymore but the customers like it cheap. Famous authors such as David Grossman, Amoz Oz or Ronit Matalon can be found protesting at Jerusalem's Zion Square on 14 June. I don't know the exact time but, in case I find out, I will let you know !

Those of you living in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv: 

In Jerusalem, the book week is taking place at the BELL PARK (Gan HaPa'amon) at Keren HaYessod. The daily opening hours are from 6pm - 11pm. Fridays closed and Mozzaei Shabbat open.

As usual, the book week in Tel Aviv is taking place at RABIN SQUARE. The opening hours are the same as in Jerusalem.

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