Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The "Haredim & the Army Subject" again


Making a long story very short: 

Again, the Israeli government wants to discuss drafting ALL Haredim into the army service. As expected, the EDAH HA’CHAREDIT has already run a protest and many more will follow. 

It is widely known that most Haredim don’t agree with the present State of Israel. I am not talking about the anti – Zionism of Satmar, the Neturei Karta, Toldot Aharon, the EDAH or as a whole or Chabad. Also Belz, Gur and others are not too happy with the present state but do, in a way, try influencing the government regarding religion. 

The latest official suggestion is that all Haredim may be forced to join the Israeli army. If they are not willing to join, they could be facing economic sanctions. Whatever that means. 

I am not favouring any force but do think that many young Haredim need a task in life. Too many of them are not going to Yeshiva on a daily basis but simply hang around. Either in the streets, Internet Cafes, snack bars with TV or in parks. And too many of them get negative ideas and start going against the law. Especially for those guys, the army duty wouldn’t be so bad but could provide them with a certain level of responsibility in life. If they don’t go to the Yeshiva, at least, do something in life.

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