Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photos from the Jerusalem LIGHT FESTIVAL 2012, Part 1


Last Thursday I went to see this year's LIGHT FESTIVAL taking place in the Old City of Jerusalem. To make a long story short, I was quite disappointed. There were plenty of visitors but less and less light statures or instellations. However, the festival itself has caused lots of criticism from the Jewish population living in the Jewish Quarter. Too many naked statues would be standing around. Statues as part of the festival. Furthermore, the light symbols consist of too many Christian symbols. Whether this is true or not ... Let us take a look at the entrance to the Old City. The Jaffa Gate Plaza. There we find a huge dome or maybe is it a mosque ? From far away, the object looks like a church but when you get closer, it rather looks like the Dome of the Rock. When you read the explanation of the artist, you may be surprised: He intented to show a dome from Venice (Italy). So, it is a church. 

As long as this is taking place outside the Jewish Quarter, it doesn't bother me that much. On the other hand, Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat, wants to turn Jerusalem into a second Tel Aviv. in order to draw more and more tourists into the city, he chose a very dangerous path. Pleasing Christians and trying to be too friendly with them is a big mistake. Is it worth getting more donations and investments when you are willing to accept more and more Christian symbols all over town ? Jerusalem has been and always will be a JEWISH city. There are other religions acting in the holy city but there is no doubt that Jerusalem is Jewish. By turning Jerusalem into something more cosmapolitan in order to please Gentile visitors, Barkat is putting himself into a very dangerous position, as he is making himself too dependent on Christian money. Jerusalem will only be successful as a Jewish place and as soon as idol - worship is involved, the city will, again, find its desaster.

But have a look for yourself !

By the way, the LIGHT FESTIVAL can be visited until 14 June. Free of Charge !!! The daily event starts at about 7.30pm but not on Shabbat !

Going up to Jaffa Gate

The dome from far away. Then it actually looks quite nice.

Before the international leftist press is going to start complaining and spreading rumours: Jerusalem's Municipality is not just organizing parts of the festival also in the Arab and Arab - run Christian quarter. The Palestinians have discovered their business time and set up food and souvenir stands wherever they could.

A further Christian symbol near Jaffa Gate ? Could be.

A dragon at the Jaffa Gate as fun for the kids.

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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