Sunday, June 17, 2012

Taliban Mother is leaving jail

The once famous TALIBAN MOTHER (IMMA TALIBAN) is leaving jail today.

Photo: Israel Hayom


Bruria Keren,  the famous Taliban Mother, left jail this morning. Abusing her 12 children, the Taliban Mother was facing a four - year - sentence in jail. Now she is free and returning to Ramat Beit Shemesh where she used to live with husband and children.

Bruria Keren used to be the head of the famous Taliban Women who are mainly consisting of Breslover Baalot Teshuva. Especially Sephardic women like to join the movement for the newly religious. Zniut (Modesty) is of extreme importance and the women are willing to put upon themselves very strict dress codes. Their justification is that our Jewish foremothers were extremly modest and probably wore the same kind of dress code. Personally I don't think so but everyone is free to dress what he wants. The majority of the haredi world, even the Edah HaCharedit, put a ban on those women who are referred to as a cult.

The Taliban Women don't only follow an extreme dress code by covering parts of their faces and covering the body entirely; what they also do is covering themselves while taking a shower or not entering a grocery store when there is a male customer inside. 

I am not too interested in how Bruria Keren is planning her future life. I am much more interested in how she is going to relate towards the new leader of the movement: Rabbanit Ben Izri. 


The Taliban Women justifying themselves

Taliban Mother giving her first interview

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