Sunday, June 10, 2012

Migrants are not political refugees


A very good and realistic article published by the Israeli daily ISRAEL HAYOM. 

Every day, more and more Africans, most of them coming from Eritrea and Sudan, are crossing the border between Israel and Egypt. In another three months or so, Israel will be flooded with 67,000 African "refugees" of whom most of them are not even recognized as such. The Africans themselves have no problem admitting that they came here to search for a better life. Finding jobs and earning good money. They don't want to become Israeli let alone integrate.

Jerusalem has about 800 - 1000 illegal Africans who mostly live around the Machane Yehudah Market and in Jaffa Road. At least African three bars have recently opened in Agrippas Street at the Machane Yehudah Market and it didn't take long until the first complaints started. The neighbours are afraid of passing groups of Africans hanging around in the street at night. Despite that they are Muslims, many Africans get drunk and start beating each other.

However, Jerusalem doesn't have such a severe problem with Africans as Tel Aviv has. There, 40,000 mostly illegal Africans have already occupied three neighbourhoods: Neve She'anan, Shechunat HaTikvah and the Shapira neighbourhood. The crime rate has risen and today, about 40% of break - ins, theft and drugs crime is carried out by Africans. Tel Aviv has a serious problem and Mayor Ron Chulda'i has been asking the Netanyahu government for help. The Interior Minister Eli Yishai from the Sephardi haredi SHASS party wants to deport the Africans as fast as he can but Israel is bound to international law. The latest idea is deporting Africans from the southern region of Sudan. Those who are willing to get deported will receive 1000 Euro cash as a reward. 1000 Euro tax money ! Are the United States paying any rewards to illegal Mexicans or people from Cuba ?

Here are the latest pictures from Tel Aviv today. The area around the Central Bus Station in Lewinsky Street.

 Photos: Miriam Woelke


40,000 Africans in Tel Aviv


  1. B"H

    They are nothing more than Economic refugees.

    This is why countries such as Australia are facing such dilemmas regarding asylum seekers.

    Why do they need to pass through 6-7 countries to reach their final destination? and where do most of them get money to pay the smugglers??

  2. B"H

    I can tell you that most Africans in Tel Aviv don't live like poor people, Most of them ride expensive bikes or the electric scooters.

    Maybe they bought them as stolen items, as there is also an African market for stolen goods from Israelis. Smartphones and anything connected to hightech is very much on demand and stolen all the time.

    Africans in Israel admit that they are not asylum seekers but looking for jobs and a better life. In the end, they prefer staying in their ghettos and turning everything into a slum where no Israeli wants to enter anymore.