Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ULPANA demonstration in brief


I am trying to put together photos from today's demonstration of the national religious settler movement. The Knesset was due to vote about the so - called REGULATION BILL demanding the following:

The so-called Regulation Bill requires anyone claiming ownership of land upon which homes are being built to file a challenge and prove ownership within four years of the start of construction upon the property.

When the tiny neighbourhood Ulpana was built at the Beit El settlement in 1999, neither Israel's left nor the Palestinians were protesting against it. Only years later, the Jewish left conviced the nearby Arab neighbours that the land where Ulpana was built on, actually belongs to the Palestinians. As a result of this, the Left together with the Palestinians filed a court case and Israel's Supreme Court made up a verdict: The Ulpana residents have to leave and the neighbourhood is going to be destroyed. 

First reports are claiming that the bill did not pass, as various ministers and Knesset representatives were too scared to vote against Netanyahu's order not to vote in favour of the bill. Yesterday, Netanyahu himself apparently had threatened his ministers and LIKUD Knesset members. Otherwise they would loose their jobs. And when it comes to jobs and seats, most of Israel's Knesset politician give in and prefer thinking about themselves only and not necessarily about the country.

HERE you can find a report about what is going on written by my friend FRUMLIFE. I was in touch with her throughout the demonstration and told her details. I am going to write a report, including many photos, soon !!!

Photo: Miriam Woelke

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