Monday, June 11, 2012

News from the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City

Masses of visitors streaming to the present LIGHT FESTIVAL into Jerusalem's Old City


While walking through the Jewish Quarter a few days ago, I discovered some positive changes happening. I know the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem for many years. Shops and restaurants used to be the same. Expensive, the same products being sold for years and the same people running the businesses. Or in other words: A rip - off for tourists. 

Tourists will always get cheated but the businesses in the Jewish Quarter have changed for the better. A branch of Jerusalem's bakery chain NE'EMAN has opened right next to the Cardo. This is great news, as Ne'eman is known for its relatively fair prices and good products.

And what else do we find ?

A new burger place has opened its gates. Nearby is a new Makolet (small supermarket). The Makolet (picture below) used to be a dining - hall as well as a holiday prayer room of Yeshivat AISH HA'TORAH. I have prayed there many times on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and find it rather strange, seeing the facility now used as a supermarket.:-)

 Right across are the Holy Bagels (formerly Bonker's Bagels)

Photos: Miriam Woelke

Near the burger place and the Makolet we find another Cafe with fair prices and good coffee. However, I am not taking any kind of guarantee for the burger and bagel place.Those may be expensive or maybe not.

Now only one thing is missing: The restroom ! 
The Cafe does have its own washroom but I don't know about the burger and bagel place. Nevertheless, the public toilet is just around the corner and free of charge. There are further and usually clean restrooms down at the Kotel (Western Wall).. Also free of charge.


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