Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haredi Vacation in Germany ?


Who would think of traveling to Germany on a vacation trip ? The Jewish religious world has lost so countless Jews in the Shoah and now Germany should be a new spa for Haredim ? 

There have been advertisements by a certain group of Haredim offering hotel deals in Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden. This has risen a controversy on haredi forums and the question is raised how a German hotel could be kosher le’Mehadrin

So, lets say the Haredim travel to Germany in order to stay in a kosher hotel. Although I have my doubts whether the hotels are really kosher, as there is only CHALAV NOCHRI in the area. 

Are those Haredim able to leave the hotels and just walk around ? Leipzig and Dresden are full of Neonazis and Berlin is full of Muslims. Various religious Jews walking around downtown Berlin have already been attacked in the past. Let alone all those dangers waiting, how can any haredi Jew enjoy a German hotel knowing about the past of the country ? 

Just the opposite with Chassidut ERLOI (Jerusalem). The Erloier Rebbe has recently put a ban (Cherem) in German products.

I was born and raised in Germany myself and relatives of mine still live there. My brother always tells me how the country has changed and slowly turns into a Muslim majority due to thousands of Germans converting to fundamentalist Islam. I hope that those Haredim going on the trip will arrange a few bodyguards. Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving the hotel wearing a Streimel !

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  1. We have Chalav Ysrael in the kosher store which comes from Belgium. Jajaja