Thursday, June 21, 2012

Talpiyot, Arnona, Katamon and the Christian Missionary Swamp


I see it as important getting to know the place where I live. As many neighbourhoods as I can as well as different mentalities and the population itself. No matter whether it is Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Within the past years, the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Talpiyot has undergone a transformation from an industrial dump to a place with shopping malls and nice restaurants and cafes.

View onto further Jerusalem neighbourhoods

Photos: Miriam Woelke

I like most of Jerusalem’s different neighbourhoods but especially the Germany Colony / Katamon and Arnona have been facing terrible challenges. More and more Christian missionaries keep on streaming in and renting apartments. Another area where missionaries ("Christian Friends of Israel") gather is around the Arab community of Abu Tur. Missionaries from all over the world try renting houses in order to carry out their idol – worship mission. If they don’t succeed in renewing their visa, they try to convert to Judaism in order to stay in Israel. The amount of false converts to Judaism still believing in Christianity is unbelievable high.

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