Monday, June 18, 2012

First illegal Africans flown out of Israel

Only a small drop in the ocean: The first Africans from southern Sudan get deported.


Israel's illegale Afrikans are making headlines despite various Arab terror attacks. More than 60,000 illegal Africans live in Israel and there are more crossing the border from Egypt. Every day a few hundred Africans more and officials estimate that, in another three month, the amount is due to climb up to 67,000 illegal Africans. 

Israelis are sick of seeing those Africans around. Especially because they have started taking over whole neighbourhoods. Neve She'anan, Shapira and Shechunat HaTikvah - those are three Tel Aviv neighbourhoods taken over by Africans. When it is getting dark, hardly any white person dares to walk the area around the Central Bus Station. Hundreds of Africans sleep in the Levinsky Park across. Many of them drunk. The Tel Aviv crime rate has risen drastically and today, 40% of breakins and drug offenses are carried out by Africans. The Jewish population has more than enough although many businesses, such as hotels and restaurant, love to employ the illegals, as they are cheap labour. 

Recently the Africans have started to rape Israeli women and this was the time when Israelis really started freaking out.  The Knesset is discussing a bill stating that Israeli business owners employing African infiltrators could be put into jail for five years. 

In the meantime, many Africans have taken over businesses around the Central Bus Station. There you find shops run by Africans, African bars or Internet Cafes. One Israeli shopkeeper is left near the bus station and he says that no white customer dares to enter the area anymore. Every day, several Africans would enter his store and ask when he is willing to give up, as they would like to take over the business.

But not only secular Israelis suffer from the huge amount of Africans in the country. Haredi as well as national religious Jews started complaining that their runaways (in particular girls) start having African boyfriends. For instance, there are haredi girls running away from home and private investigators sent by the families found those girls in apartments populated by Africans. Those girls refused to go back to their families and rather stayed with their African boyfriend.

Last night, the first 120 Africans from southern Sudan were flown out of Israel. Those who went back to their home country on a voluntarily basis received 1000 Euro in cash. This way, our government is wasting our tax money. By rewarding illegals.

Sending back 120 illegals is just a drop in the oceans, as another 1500 people from southern Sudan are waiting. How about the rest of 60,000 illegal Africans ? Most of them are from the northern area of Sudan and from Eritrea. People who cannot just be deported due to human right stipulations. 

Israel is in deep trouble and the African problem has to be solved fast. Otherwise our country will be flooded with more and more infiltrators. 


  1. let them go if those girls want to be goy themselves lol

  2. B"H

    I do sometimes think the same but, on the other hand, I am glad that there is the Israeli organization YAD Le'ACHIM !!!