Thursday, July 5, 2012

A few thoughts on Parashat Balak

Nature in the middle of Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke

In kabbalistic literature, Parashat Balak, finds lots of mentioning. Especially in the KITVEI HA’ARI where it states all kinds of different reincarnations going through Bilam and Balak. The ZOHAR mentions the sorcery of the two and the Talmud even explains why the she – donkey reacted that way (as described in the Torah). 

The amazing thing, however, is that the camp of the Israelites didn’t even know about the entire story with Bilam wanting to curse the Jews. Today this may be very different. Almost the whole world is cursing Israel, anti – Semitism is on the rise and we all know about it. Thanks to the Internet. Just imagine Bilam had published all of his plans on his Facebook Page. He would have found lots of friends, supporters and LIKES. 

Usually many countries hate each other but when it goes against Israel, wow, then they become best friends. It seems as if nothing has changed since the days of Bilam and Balak.

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