Monday, July 23, 2012

Traditional Tisha be'Av walk around the Old City Walls


As in previous years, the traditional Tisha be'Av March around the Old City Walls is, once again, taking place this Mozzaei Shabbat .

See the poster and all details at the link below:

The WOMEN IN GREEN are a Zionist group fighting against disengagemnt, giving Jewish land to the Palestinians and asking for a Jewish reign over the Temple Mount (Har HaBayit). 

Although the head of the group, Nadja Matar, is doing lots of demonstrating, sometimes, however, she reminds me of a ONE WOMAN SHOW. She likes to get attention. This, at least, is my own personal impression. 

Nevertheless, I always like to participate in the march, as this is the only time of the year when Jews are free to enter parts of Palestinian East Jerusalem. Usually Palestinians have unlimited access to all parts of Jerusalem but when it comes to the Jewish population, we should rather not dare to enter a Palestinian neighbourhood. In this case, you may find your head rolling down the road. 

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