Monday, July 2, 2012

Tel Aviv: Between illegal Africans, Junkies and Red Light District


Last Tuesday I went to Tel Aviv in order to get some bureaucracy done. There are actually two buses going from Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station to Tel Aviv. Number 405 goes back and forth between Jerusalem’s as well as Tel Aviv’s Central Station. Bus number 480 goes from Jerusalem’s Central Station to Tel Aviv’s train station Arlosorov (near Ramat Gan). Both rides take about an hour, depending on the traffic. And both rides cost the same amount of money. Many people don’t even go to Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station anymore because the area is full of drug addicts, illegal Africans and prostitution. It is more save going to Arlosorov but more central going to the bus station downtown. I chose the Central Station, as I had to go somewhere specific.

I got to Tel Aviv at about 8.30am, crossed the Lewinsky park across the Central Station and saw plenty of illegal Africans camping on the grass. Some were still asleep. Either with blankets on the grass or laying on a playground in the middle of the park. This playground probably hasn’t been used by children for a tremendous long time, as Africans sleep inside the plastic pipes where kids usually play and crawl around.

It is more or less save walking the area during daytime but you should never cross the park at night. Behind the park, in Shomron Street, were some prostitutes standing around. Those type of "you don’t really identify a rather housewife looking woman as a certain lady". I was told that most of the prostitutes around Tel Aviv’s Central Station use drugs too. Otherwise they wouldn’t make it through their "job".

Passing the Old Central Bus Station in Shomron Street, I saw some drug addicts laying on the ground. Still asleep or drugged. Who knows ?

The area is not that save but everyone was either asleep or too busy paying attention. This gave me the opportunity of taking a few pictures you hardly see anywhere else. One of the platforms of the Old Central Bus Station is being used by a few homeless. They collected plenty of garbage, a few pieces of furniture and thus built themselves a home. Actually they have been around for a couple of weeks now but no one official seems to pay attention of what is going on. It simply reminded me of a slum in India, Brazil or even Africa.

One doesn’t always have to concentrate on politics, Arab terrorists or Iran but just notice what is going on around you. Israel’s daily life with all pros and cons. The edge of society, the fallen and and those who simply don’t make it. For whatever reason.

Tel Aviv unplugged ! 

 Homeless & Drugs

The Life at the Old Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv.

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke

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