Monday, July 30, 2012



Once again, I want to thank you for all kinds of comments and e - mails wishing me a "Refuah Shlemah". I am recovering and even the pain of the bruised back and ribs is getting less and less. The pain hasn't disappeared totally but I am optimistic.

Unfortunately, I haven't found the time responding to all those sending me e - mails and it will take a while. However, I want to mention one incident receiving a rude mail from a woman complaining why I had the Chutzpah in not responding to her right away. Regarding this case I would like to respond now: There are actually people in this world who are sick and laying in hospitals. It is not a Chutzpah not answering the e - mail but it is a Chutzpah stepping on all those people who are actually ill. 

I consider this blog as a Jewish religious one and those who don't understand the actual meaning of the content should either reconsider their way of understanding or read somewhere else where people respond even if they are on their "deathbed".

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