Monday, July 9, 2012

Haredim and Arabs are joining the Israeli Army


Netanyahu decided that "Haredim & Israeli Arabs" have to join the army. The plan is to turn every single Israeli into a Zionist favouring a democratic system. 

For the past few weeks, the Israeli media just bombarded us with news against haredi society. Well, some journalists showed a bit of mercy for the haredi society and even wrote the daily reality no one else seems to take into consideration:

What is the army going to do with a few thousand more recruits ? At the moment, the Israeli army doesn't even have the capacity drafting all 18 - year old citizens who are willing to join. Plenty of them are being delayed because there is just not enough space. Furthermore, the government is not willing to provide special units for the haredi population. The present NACHAL HA'HAREDI has become a national religious unit and those two different groups don't go together. Not only because Haredim usually have a higher kashrut standard. 

The Haredim are already planning a demonstration of millions against the upcoming law. However, lets leave the Haredim but look at a more severe change in law. 

Israeli Arabs are due to be drafted into the army service too. The question is: Whom are they going to fight ? In case an Arab pilot is ordered to bomb Iran, he may prefer to rather dump his bomb on Tel Aviv.

This is just great for Arabs: They receive army weapons and military training. Let alone getting to know all military secrets. This is just perfect: The enemy will know about all the secrets and is thus able to lead a counterstrike. This way, the present State of Israel is going to commit suicide.


  1. I'm surprised you did not bring up the Druzim.

  2. B"H

    The Druzim are hard to figure out. Their mentality is being with the winner. If Israel is ruling, then they are with Israel. If the Palestinians would rule, the Druzim were going with them.

    In many cases, they are a kind of separated within the army. Also because Jewish parents don't want their daughters schmoozing around with a Druze guy.

    Some may be good fighters but there are many who are too much involved with the Palestinians. See the Druze policemen in Jerusalem's Old City. It is said that the Drzue hate the guts out of the Palestinians but there are plenty of them favouring the Arabs. Probably due to the common language.

  3. From what I gather, Druze men and women are told to marry ONLY other Druze. And will be disowned if they marry non-Druze.

    I can understand "side" with the winner - however Druze are not Italians and -, frankly it appears that the Druze are comfortable aligning themselves with whomever allows them to continue to exist.

    Of course I could be wrong.

  4. B"H

    The Druze are being told only to marry among themselves. I suppose that an outsider wife would never ever find fully acceptance among the Druze society.

    Maybe they do care more about their own survival and thus go with any winner.:-)