Thursday, July 5, 2012



More than money, health is THE most important thing in our material world. As we don’t live in the generation of Noach anymore, in the days before the Flood, we are forced to take care of our body. In the times before the Flood, this was not the case because the people had a totally different DNA. After the Flood, G – d changed the DNA and from then on, we won’t live up to 500 or 600 years anymore. Furthermore, we became vulnerable to illnesses. 

Sometimes I wish myself back to the generation of Noach but, on the other hand, this may not be that pleasant as it seems. When you take a deeper look, and the Talmud Sanhedrin explains it, you may find yourself in a totally messed up Ma’aseh Bereshit world. 

For more than half a year, I have been suffering from a pain in my knee as well as in my foot and, after all kinds of x – rays, I finally got an appointment at a knee specialist. He told me something surprising: That there is nothing wrong with my knee but only with my foot. Because I sometimes walk funny when I am in pain, I am putting too much pressure onto the knee and this causes the pain in the knee. The doctor put me on medication and guess what: The knee got instantly better. However, I need to go to a physiotherapist in order to heal my foot. I have already got appointments but I am glad not to undergo any knee surgery or anything like it. A few weeks ago, a Rabbi and his wife told me to believe in miracles and here it comes: A tiny miracle saving me from a knife in my knee. 

Nevertheless, reality is that the physiotherapist, a Haredi, told me that we need to find the cause of the foot pain. About 50 % of the population suffer from the same problem but don't feel any pain. They don't even know that they do have such a "problem". 

So, for the upcoming weeks, we will search the cause and hopefully find it.:-) 

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