Monday, July 2, 2012

Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan celebrates Yahrzeit with Celebrities


Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan (the self - appointed x - ray Rabbi) was commemorating his father's (Rabbi Shalom Ifergan) Yahrzeit yesterday. Israeli papers report that first, Rabbi Ifergan was worried about not too many people showing up, as there was final game of the European Soccer Championships took place at the same time. Nevertheless, all his favourite celebrities did show up in the end. 

Not that Rabbi Shalom Ifergan was that important but his son, the x - ray, turned him into the greatest "Zaddik" of Netivot. Last night, Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan served a meal and lots of prominent and rich Israelis were there. Ex - Tel Aviv Mayor Roni Milo or tycoon Nochi Dankner. No doubt, the x -ray has connections but the thought if G - d has turned him into a true x - ray causes lots of doubt. Jews going with money and power will never be a real x - ray. So, maybe Rabbi Ifergan should rather start x - raying himself and his behaviour.

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