Monday, July 2, 2012

The G - D PARTICLE has been found


CERN announced that the G - d Particle has been found. Scientists think that they now know the secret of how the universe was created. I am just wondering if they also know what exactly caused a cosmic blast in the middle of nothingness. Before the universe was created, there was nothing. As the Arizal tells us: There was only G - d alone and nothing else. No matter but only G - d. Meaning, not even an empty hole or space besides G - d. 

Chabad likes to meditate on concepts and regarding this nothingness, I guess this is the only thing we can do. Meditate, as otherwise, we are not able to graps what a complete nothingness means. 

This is the reason for me asking whether the scientists also have an answer about the cause of the blast out of this nothingness. Was it just a simple reaction of protons and neutrons ? But how could they exist in a huge "space" of nothingness when there was only G - d ?

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