Monday, July 30, 2012

How Syrian rebels manipulate the international media


On I found some interesting information on how the Syrian rebels manipulate the international media. I am neither an Assad nor a rebel fan but just find it frightening that Al Khaida and further Arab terrorist organizations have been taking an active part on the side of the rebels. Thus, Syria is not going to turn into a democracy but what is waiting for us is another Ayatollah terrorist state.

Just like the Assad Regime, Syrian rebels are not afraid of using Photoshop and thus manipulating reality. The above photo (left) shows the original picture where Russian tanks gather near Georgia (Russia). The Syrian rebels, however, took are using the same picture claiming that Syrian tanks are gathering (see faked photo on the right).

Even the Austrian KRONEN ZEITUNG took over a photoshop from Syria.

We see the original photo on the right and the manipulated photo on the left (including the article from the KRONEN ZEITUNG).

The Syrian rebels have their agenda, so has Assad and so has the international media. The question is how far the readers are able to believe the news.

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