Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jerusalem Grocery's go 24 Hours


In Tel Aviv, the 24 hour grocery chain AM:PM (similar to 7:11 in the US) has become extremely popular in recent years. People finishing work late prefer shopping at AM:PM. However, you have to take into account that the chain opens on Shabbat as well as on most Jewish holidays. Except on Yom Kippur and the Eves of the Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Ha'Shoah) and on the memorial day for Israel's fallen soldiers, Yom Ha'Zikaron. Furthermore, the prices at AM:PM are tremendously high and due to rise every other week. 

Jerusalem also had its 24 hour grocery stores in the past but recently, more and more of those stores have been opening. There are, at least, two of those 24 hour stores in Derech Hebron Street. Open on Shabbat too. A new store just opened in HaNevi’im Street (right outside the Avraham Hostel). Another new shop can be found in (Kuk) Street (between Jaffa Road and HaNevi’im). 

Just recently I went to one of those Jerusalem stores and noticed that their prices are even higher than their counterpart in Tel Aviv. 

You find them at almost every corner in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan: AM:PM Chains

Photo: Miriam Woelke

To the tourists staying at the Avraham Hotel: If you depend on a tight budget don't necessarily use the 24 hour stores but rather do your groceries at the nearby Machane Yehudah Market !


  1. It may be of course right that AM:PM is expensive, as TLV is expensive in a way. But what I found out during my trips to Israel last year was that prices weren't much higher than Supersal in general, just variety was much smaller. But still bananas costed the same absurd 9,90 NIS/kilo; eggs about 14 NIS (crazy!), etc ... But there were some good deals on wines actually. And cheap pastry in the early morning. Good days :-)

  2. B"H

    Generally speaking, for fruit and vegetables, the Tel Aviv Carmel Market is the first and cheapest address !!! AM:PM and SUPERSAL are definitely too expensive for buying fruit. Including the MEGA.

    I find AM:PM many times cheaper regarding sausages or dairy products. Canned food, coffee, junk food or fresh meat are definitely cheaper at Supersal.

  3. Yes, you are definitely right about Carmel Market for fruits & vegs, but for me staying around Gordon St.; Carmel was a bit of a "schlep", and to carry such load of shopping back, and the crowds ... once was enough. I never knew MEGA, some other time ...