Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back after the Accident


A bus came rolling upon me last Monday evening. Location: Jerusalem, Central Bus Station. 

Three buses were involved in the accident and I got caught between two of them. One bus threw me against the second one and I was very lucky to have survived. Bruises and cuts, this is the result and I still suffer from the pain. However, my thoughts are with the young woman who got crushed between two buses. I saw her and it was a terrible experience being so full of pain and totally unable to help someone else. 

I was in hospital for one night due to my back injuries. Nothing was broken but bruised. However, I still have to manage with taking medication against the pain. Dr. Feelgood, so to speak. 

What I learned from this terrible incident ? That each of us needs to enjoy life. A day later I said BIRKAT HA'GOMEL with a friend although I know that one rather does this during the Torah reading. 

My decision, however, is to blog a bit less but concentrate on the book I am writing. Thus, I won't be blogging on a daily basis but 1 - 2 per week. More informative articles and getting my book together. 

Regarding the accident: The police are still investigating and I need to take a lawyer in order to deal with the legal stuff. What I won't do is concentrating on all the negative sides concerning life in Israel but rather on the positive. Society is not sending a bus after you every day.:-))) Meaning, Israeli society is not as bad as its reputation. 

It is necessary to look into the future in order to overcome the trauma and the shock of what kind of pictures I saw in the middle of the "bus battlefield". 

I want to dedicate this short article to the young American woman who is still hospitalized. I very much hope that her condition will improve !

Here a brief article about the bus accident:



  1. I wish you a refuah shlemah!

  2. refuah shleima to all.
    good time for personal reflection and to reevaluate life. But doesnt mean that were on the wrong path. Maybe its a wake up call just to be more conscious of where you are. Or maybe it was grace because you are living a very meaningful life and G-d wants you to continue on that mission. Be true to yourself. chazak v'amatz

  3. I'm grateful you're healing, this blog is insightful and you take beautiful pictures of beautiful things. Even the depressing things are beautiful, as it shows the duality of life from all sides. Miriam keep up the good work, but more importantly stay healthy and sane before you being blogging again! I'd rather have quality vs quantity!

  4. Wish you better and keep blogging. You are really very good at it.

  5. b"h

    i will keep blogging. i am getting better but a bruised back is not that easy to get rid off.:-)))