Monday, January 17, 2011

Yehudah Meshi Zahav and his Christian Connections


Most of us know the famous Israeli community emergency team ZAKA. The majority of its active members work on a voluntary basis. Traffic accidents, terror attacks, the haredi ZAKA volunteers are always there and help. One of its founders is Yehudah Meshi Zahav and it is him who is well - known to the Israeli public. Not necessarily because of ZAKA but due to his friendship with the former Mea Shearim Neturei Karta leader, Rabbi Amram Blau. Meshi Zahav used to be a strong anti - Zionist and, obviously, was very much involved in anti - Zionist activities in Mea Shearim.

Since ZAKA came into existence in the 1990ies, Meshi Zahav has become a world traveler. He had a fight with the Edah HaCharedit and is not too popular in Mea Shearim these days. Instead of anti - Zionism, Meshi Zahav collects money for ZAKA and has started dealing with the outside world. With the very far outside world and he even talks to women. Women and Gentiles, as he accepts ZAKA donations from everyone !

There is no doubt that ZAKA is in need of money but for what price ?
A while ago, Yehudah Meshi Zahav was invited by one of Jerusalem's most evil Christian missionary organizations: The International Christian Embassy in Rachel Imeinu Street.

It is this Christian Embassy organizing the march of the Christians through Jerusalem every Sukkot and mainly haredi Rabbis have been warning Jews not to participate in the parade for years.

The Israeli anti - missionary organization YAD LE'ACHIM keeps on warning Jews not to get involved with the missionary Christian embassy. However, Yehudah Meshi Zahav accepted the Embassy's invitation and went to receive a Christian missionary donation check. Not only this but have a look at what Zahav's ZAKA homepage has to say:

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, the Christian Friends of Israel and Bridges for Peace turned to their friends and supporters with a request to channel their donations into ZAKA dedicated Haiti relief fund. The money collected from these Christian organizations will go towards ZAKA humanitarian relief work and its life-saving, rescue and recovery mission in the quake area.

ZAKA founder and chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav noted that we are all made in the image of God. For the ZAKA volunteers to carry out their holy work, we rely on the support of our Christian and Jewish friends around the world so that we can continue our life-saving, rescue and recovery operation in Haiti as long as we are needed. This is a humanitarian endeavor that unites us all, Jews and Christians, throughout the world.

Yehudah Meshi Zahav doesn't care where the ZAKA donations are coming from but, at least, Israel's Minister of the Interior cares. He sent fire trucks, sponsored by extreme Christians, back to where they came from: 

Israel does need support incl. financial support but not from radical Christians whose main goal is missionizing the Jewish people to Christian idol - worship.

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