Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is "Me'ir Panim" accepting donations from Christian Missionaries ?


Israel's famous and rich Haredi (associated with Seret - Vishnitz), Dudi Zilberschlag, is running the popular soup kitchen "Me'ir Panim". Although, some time ago, a fight between Zilberschlag and one of his "Me'ir Panim" managers broke out, it is Dudi Zilberschlag being in charge of the soup kitchen chain.

A German speaking Christian missionary site loves to report about Me'ir Panim and how they collect donations for the soup kitchen. They even met one of the haredi representatives of Me'ir Panim on the Mount of Olives and look at that: Mr. Haredi is holding the hand of a woman and dancing with a Messianic community. 

The German speaking Missionaries have their Messianic community at the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and are planning further break - ins into haredi institutions. On their donation and intruder list are also YAD SARAH, a rehabilition clinic as well as youth villages and homeless asylums. 

Dudi Zilberschlag and his staff may claim that they didn't know or weren't aware of Messianic activities within Me'ir Panim. However, a Haredi hanging around with Christian missionaries and dancing with a woman ... Tztztz.

Mr. Zilberschlag, let me tell you: The German Messianic group in question is very happy about knowing you personally. And it is people like you providing Christian missionaries with a platform into haredi society. The only reasons for this is greed and money.


  1. This is disgusting!

  2. B"H

    Actually I was looking for material concerning a similar topic but found this. The German site is disgusting and their only goal is missionizing Jews. The operate from the Sea of Galilee but have already infiltrated in many Jewish organizations. Also into ZAKA !!!

  3. I am disgusted and shcoked by what you wrote and by the pictures. How can he? B'H, I never gave a single penny to that organization.

  4. B"H

    I don't think that it is Zilberschlag himself dancing but a representative of Me'ir Panim. However, the missionary site claims that they have met Zilberschlag and his wife !

  5. also zaka ,hasdi yosef ,meorot daf yomi ,belz .the eadah printed a long list...

  6. B"H

    BELZ I didn't know !
    It is just disgusting that the haredi world is giving up its principles when it comes to cash.