Thursday, February 2, 2012

Faked Picture makes its round on Facebook


The world loves going against Israel. Facebook User “Wesley Muhammad” published a photo on his Facebook page and thousands of people just jumped on it and spread the picture all over the social media site. However, the picture is a fake and neither shows Israel nor an Israeli soldier. It was taken in Bahrain when Arabs were demonstrating against Israel. The "soldier" as well as the girl on the photo are simply acting.

For more details read ISRAEL HAYOM !


  1. I can't believe people who will look at that and automatically believe it's "evil Zionism." Those people who see that photo and instantly think Israel is bad are some of the scariest people on Earth.

    The IDF doesn't (openly) use AK variants. I can only imagine the IDF ever using AKs for special operations or when the SHTF.

  2. B"H

    When I looked at the photo, I instantly knew that it wasn't an IDF soldier. Simply because the colours of the uniform don't fit.

    Hasbarah on Facebook says that also the zipper of the jacket doesn't fit, as IDF zippers reach until the end of the jacket.