Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PURIM is the time for anti - Semitism

 View from Gan Sacher (Sacher Park) onto the Nachlaot neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Every single year anew, around Purim, something is coming up. No doubt, the world hates us. Whether it is Achmadinejad, all the other Arabs, Christian missionaries, Neonazis, liberals or the European Union. Jews have a long list of people hating them since the time of Avraham being hated by Nimrod. 

This upcoming Shabbat we are going to read Parashat Tetzaveh where it is telling us about Amalek attacking the Jews in the desert. Interstingly enough, the chassidic commentator "Shem MiShmuel" speaks about an "Amalek HaGashmi - A real material Amalek" who attacked the Jews without a reason. The same with the nations today. However, the "Shem MiShmuel" also mentions an "Amalek HaRuchani - a spiritual Amalek" who is inside all of us. 

"Amalek" is the symbol for anti - Semites and lots of Jews considered the Germans and their Third Reich as the real Amalek. On the other hand, "Amalek" can also stand for the "Yetzer HaRah - Evil Side" in all of us. When, for example, "Amalek" is telling us not to eat kosher because a cheeseburger is so tasty. Why not having it and enjoying life ?

When Amalek is telling us not to do this or that using all kinds of excuses. This tiny little "Amalek" is in all of us and the perfect way would be fighting our own laziness and excuses. Usually it is not an easy task, as I know myself but do you know when it is really easy: When an anti - Semite or anyone hating Jews makes a bad remark. Suddenly you feel proud to be Jewish and get the strength do to anything. 

What we should always remember: Not to give up but taking the Jews who lived under Achashverosh as an example that everything will change to the good !

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