Saturday, February 4, 2012

Haredim against "Kabbalah Center" Students in Meron


Again, another group of "Kabbalah Center" students a la Madonna came to the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron. Various Haredim organized a counter demonstration and said that those "Kabbalistim" eat pork but think that they study Kabbalah. Example: Madonna is meditating on the letter ALEPH and thinks that this is Kabbalah. 

When I hear such things, I am always being reminded of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria's statement: As Gentiles have a different soul than Jews, they are unable to grasp the Jewish Kabbalah. As much as they (the Gentiles) may try, they will never understand kabbalistic concepts. 

Here are some photos of the "Kabbalah Center" students and the haredi demonstration in Meron:

The Dr. Berg cult came to turn the holy Meron into something impure.

See all photos HERE !


  1. what sort of "humans" are you?
    you think that only Jews can study Kabbalah, and can be at some sacred parts of the globe? I don't believe I read this here, in 2012! You wrote that these people are turning this place impure!
    You are worst than Hitler! Cause that German Deamon has shown the world that prejudice and hate are hell.
    And you are doing the same.
    You think you are the purest race just like those Hitler boys used to think.
    I am sure every intelligent Jew, Christian, Muslim, don't think the same.
    You, responsible for this site, have the biggest level of insecurity, you hate yourself, you are sure you are the trash of the world, by saying the others are impure.
    I'am gonna pray for your soul.
    But, please, anyway, get a shrink!

  2. B"H

    Your response shows that you have no idea about Judaism let alone about JEWISH Kabbalah. If you knew something, you would be aware of the opinion of the ARI regarding gentiles studying Kabbalah.

    By the way, a person like you shouldn't study Kabbalah anyway but rather the Kabbalah of the Sitra Achra.:-)