Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rescue FELDHEIM Israel !


One of the greatest publishers of religious Jewish books, FELDHEIM (Israel), may go bancrupt. The haredi site "Be'Chadre'i HaCharedim" reported about it first and commentators on the article claimed that FELDHEIM (Israel) has debts around 15 Mio Shekels (approx. 4 Mio US $). Others claim even more debts.

However, there are many Rabbi and authors supporting FELDHEIM

Without FELDHEIM, many thousands of books would have never been published.

If I may add a reason: For me, FELDHEIM books were always a little expensive and, as soon as I was became fluent in Hebrew, I was glad buying Hebrew books from Israeli publishers. FELDHEIM is brilliant but does have its price. Sometimes a very high price of hundreds of Shekels and not every Yeshiva student is able to afford such books.

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  1. B"H

    Feldheim is most expensive when it comes to it's International shipping costs.

    So it works out best when you older a large number of books. Same with buying seforim from Eichlers.