Sunday, February 19, 2012

Purim advertising cuts out girl's faces


No doubt. Purim is definitely right ahead. How do I know this ? Not only by looking at the Jewish calendar but by paying attention to my environment. Just a few days ago, I noticed the first Hamantaschen at a bakery in Tel Aviv. Moreover, the local Carmel Market is full of Purim merchandise. Purim costumes for children everywhere. 

If you don't live in Israel, you probably won't know the local toy and stationary chain "Kfar HaShashu'im". This chain is extremely popular among all kinds of Israelis. Especially because of its low prices. 

"Kfar Shashashu'im" also has a Facebook page and for its frum customers, the chain published special Purim advertising where the girl's faces are cut out. Secular customers keep on protesting about the advertising poster and "Kfar Hashashu'im" obviously didn't expect such resistance.

However, I remember seeing the same advertising with the girl's faces cut out last year. In haredi newspapers and it may have been in a national religious weekly paper as well. Meaning, the poster is nothing new at all but I am surprised that the company published it on its Facebook page.

In case anyone is asking: I am very much against such kind of advertising where even girl's faces are considered a modesty threat. 

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