Monday, February 13, 2012

Photos from the ongoing EICHMANN Exhibition in Tel Aviv


I suppose that I don't need to explain too much about the SS - murderer Adolf Eichmann. This year in May will be the 50th anniversary of his execution in the Israeli town of Ramle (near Tel Aviv). Two years before and also in May, Adolf Eichmann was captured by Mossad agents and transferred from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Israel. In April 1961, the "Eichmann Trial" started in Jerusalem. Germany didn't like it too much hearing that a high ranking SS officer is standing trial in the Jewish State of Israel. Who knows what secrets Eichmann could reveal. Stories about his old Nazi colleagues. Many of those colleagues were never taken to court and now (in 1961) kept high position in Germany's economical as well as political world.

For the first time, the Mossad is publishing documents as well as Eichmann belongings he carried when he was captured. The exhibition is taking place at the “Beit HaTefuzot – Diaspora Museum” in Tel Aviv. Only a few days ago, the temporary exhibition began and will end at 20 April 2012. I went, paid 15 Shekels (approx. 4 Dollar) entrance fee and was allowed to take pictures. Because of allowing me to take photos I would like to give lots of credit to the “Beit HaTefuzot" !

If you want to see the exhibition: The museum itself is located in Ramat Aviv, the northern part of Tel Aviv. Take bus no. 25 from downtown King George Street or Ibn Gavirol Street. The "Diaspora Museum" is part of the "Tel Aviv University Campus" and the bus will stop right in front of the entrance (Klausner Street).

The Eichmann exhibition is taking place in two rooms. Lots of documents and items are on display. Most items are belongings of the Mossad describing the capture of the Nazi officer. A suitcase full of faked Argentinian license platese or the passports of the Mossad agents. One of the agents entered Argentina with false passport and name "Ze'ev Zichroni". Later on, he left the country under a different name and passport. In the meantime, Eichmann was captured and his photo was put into the false passport. This way, Eichmann got a faked Israeli passport with the name "Ze'ev Zichroni". He was claimed being a crew member of Israel's ELAL Airline and this way smuggled out of Argentina. The needle drugging Eichmann during the trip is also on display. Also on display: The bullet proofed box where Eichmann was sitting during his trial (see picture below). 

Copyright / Photo: Miriam Woelke

 Part of the exhibition: The glass box from the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem

Faked Israeli passport from Eichmann. The Mossad smuggled the mass murderer out of Argentina by using the name "Ze'ev Zichroni". 

Private Eichmann items: ID - card, ID - card from his job at the German MERCEDES company in Buenos Aires. Furthermore, a cigarette holder, a comb, the keys to his home and a small pocket knife.

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke


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  1. Eichmann, y"s, didn't look Aryan. Neither was Hitler, y"s. One could easily mistaken the former to be Italian or even Semitic-looking, chas v'shalom.