Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mormons apologize for "baptizing" parents of Simon Wiesenthal


About a month ago, a rather strange ceremony took place in the Mormon world: The parents of Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal were "baptized". 
Wait a minute ? Baptized ? 
Yes, that's right. 

Although Wiesenthal's mother Rosa was killed at the German Belzec death camp in 1942, the Mormon Church baptized her. The same with Simon Wiesenthal's father Asher who had died as a soldier in action during the First World War in 1917. Simon Wiesenthal himself passed away in 2005. 

Apparently the Mormons follow quite strange ideologies and customs. For them, a soul of a non - Mormon can still be elevated after the death of the person. But only by a Mormon, of course. The whole procedure has something to do with the ideology of the "second coming". In other words: Idol - worship. 

For quite some time, the Mormon Church has been following the strange practise baptizing people from religions outside the Mormon world. In particular Holocaust victims who cannot complain anymore. However, the "Wiesenthal Center" did complain immediatley and the Mormon Church sent its apologies

But not only Simon Wiesenthal became a victim of the Mormons. The same happened to Elie Wiesel when some of his dead relatives were due to undergo "baptism". 

First, Hitler comes along in order to kill the Jews and now the Mormons appear on stage and try stealing Jewish souls. 


  1. I believe you have learned a lot about the Soul in your studies.
    Then I ask: is there anything to consider about what nonsense these mormons do ?
    It's insanity, but why should it affect anyone, if they should just be ignored ?
    Can a Jewish Soul be affected by any petty actions of gentiles ?
    That would make the Soul a very vulnerable matter, and that cannot be.

  2. B"H

    The soul of a Jew is not being effected or influenced by such Gentile nonsense. Or in other words: What the Mormons do has not effect at all and is simply a waste of time.

    To me the whole matter appears to be a kind of witchcraft. Maybe I have been watching too many movies but this is how it looks to me. It reminds me of a horror movie where Gentile Satan is going wild.

  3. B"H

    What a truly sickening thing these people do.

    On the other hand.. have you seen this article?