Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rioting Palestinians

Rioting Palestinians


Once again, Palestinians started rioting and it all reminds me of the riots about the Mugrabi Bridge a few years ago.  This time the reason for the riots is a dead Palestinian at one of the checkpoints.

The "Jerusalem Post" and YNET have all details !

Over the course of the weekend, more than 1200 violent Palestinian protesters took part in riots across Judea & Samaria. This video shows the violent riots in Al-Ram, a village northeast of Jerusalem, where protesters set fires, blocked streets and hurled rocks at IDF forces. 

Also see the blog of the Israeli army

Further background information: For many many years, Palestinians have been denying Jewish history. The two Jewish Tempels would be just an imagination and Israeli propaganda. In order to support the Arab history lie, Palestinians need to get rid of Jewish historical facts. The Waqf keeps on digging on the Temple Mount and destroying parts of the former Jewish Temple. The Palestinians don't even hide their illegal diggings but the Israeli government doesn't take any action. 

What will be next ? Are the Palestinians going to tare down the Kotel (Western Wall) in order to support their lie ? Let alone the permanent denial of the Holocaust !

The Mugrabi - Bridge at the Kotel in January 2012. The bridge leads from the Kotel Plaza up onto the Temple Mount.

 Total view over the the Kotel Plaza with the bridge on the right

Photos: Miriam Woelke 

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