Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tu be'Shevat and Adam HaRishon

Photo: Miriam Woelke

According to Chassidut Breslov, “The New Year of the Trees - Tu be’Shevat” is the day where Jews have the power to rectify the sin of Adam HaRishon. How ? By showing the proper Kavanah while eating the traditional Tu be’Shevat fruit. Furthermore, by saying all the necessary blessings over the fruit. 

It was Adam HaRishon who mostly influenced the history of the world. Still in Gan Eden (Paradise), Adam and his wife Chava (Eve) were mean to live eternally. Adam’s only G – dgiven task was not to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge – Etz HaDa’at Tov veRah”. He was the only human being formed by G – d Himself whereas all other beings originated from Adam. It is basically unknown how the first human really looked. When I am saying the first human being, I refer to Adam HaRishon, as he was the first one created having a soul. 

Before the sin with the tree (whatever the sin really was), Adam included all souls. Including the highest souls ever which enabled him to live eternally. After the sin, Adam and Eve became mortal, as the highest sould were taken from them. Since the following generations and, with Avraham, the Jews, have the task to rectify Adam’s sin. There are things in this world which can be used in a negative sense but also in a positive sense. Example: Wine. We can get drunk or use wine for holy purposes and thus elevate him. When making Kiddush, for instance. One opinion is that, as soon as we finished rectifying Adam’s sin, Meshiach is going to come. However, there are other opinions too (see Talmud Sanhedrin 97 – 99). 

Tu be’Shevat is the possibility consuming fruit in a proper way and thus make it better than Adam.


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