Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gilad Shalid is back home


I don't think that the day can end without saying something about the release of Gilad Shalit. It was such a big issue in Israel and the media didn't stop reporting for one minute. Whoever could was watching the live reports about Gilad returning to Israel. Despite all discussions about freeing 1027 terrorists (about 450 today, the rest will follow soon), it was great and heartbreaking seeing Gilad Shalit alive. Israeli officials were already glad seeing him standing on two legs although he looked weak and pale. His father Noam said later on, that Gilad is lacking Vitamin D due to his captivity.

When we watched Gilad Shalit entering Israel, we forgot about all those murderers and terrorists celebrating in Gaza, Ramallah, East Jerusalem or Umm - al - Fachem. Israel is a small country and in certain situations we all feel like a family. Today the lost son came home but we cannot deny the feeling that the future will bring us more terrorists and further victims. The terrorists announced that they will continue their ways of terror and Hamas is ready to kidnap more Israeli soldiers and / or settlers in order to get many more of their murderous companions released.

Nevertheless, after all kinds of official talks and welcoming, this evening, Gilad Shalit landed at his home in Mitzpe Hila (northern Israel). His father, later on, gave a press conference where he stated that his son was held alone and had no one to talk to. At first, he was referred to as an enemy but, as time went by, his Hamas guards behaved towards him in a nicer way. 


  1. B"H

    Like many I am elated to see Gilad back in Eretz Yisroel.

    But one must also think of the families whom were promised by the Government that the culprits whom brutality murdered their loved ones would never be freed from jail.

    The complete opposite has happened. The media has forgotten about how they feel. It is a bitter sweet moment for everyone.

    How do we know that Hamas aren't planning to kidnap another soldier?

  2. B"H

    There will be new terror attacks due to the Shalit deal. Former prisoner exchanges such as the Jibril in 1985


    Despite all the joy about Gilad Shalit coming home, many many people felt joy and worry about the future at the same time. However, the entire Israeli press just looked at Shalit and not the bereaved families. Hamas, on the other hand, announced to kidnap not only one soldier but several. This would pay off even more.