Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yom Kippur Experience 5772


Staying in Tel Aviv over Yom Kippur was the perfect decision although I must admit that there is nothing like the Yom Kippur atmosphere in the Old City of Jerusalem. Like near the Kotel (Western Wall). 

For all three services, I was at Chabad near Shenkin Street. Some years ago, Chabad took over the building and has renovated it in a very nice way. The inside just reminded me of the Hurvah Synagogue in Jerusalem. 

Photos of the Central Chabad House taken at a different occasion:

Miriam Woelke

"Kol Nidrei" was packed last night. The positive Tel Aviv campagne was not too charge any seats at the Synagogues located in the city center. Local papers published all Synagogues where people can go without ordering an overpriced seat in advance. Thus, many Tel Aviv inhabitants who otherwise don't go to Synagogues, should fell free and go. And they did.

It was a very nice idea and especially Chabad was ready to receive the mainly secular and traditional crowd. They had put out extra Tallitot for men, shawls for maybe not too modestly dressed women, copies of prayers and special prayer sections as well as Machzorim. 

The services were very nice and Israeli - like fast. Ne'ilah was scheduled for 4.15pm but didn't start until 5pm due to a lon Mincha service. Then the rush through Ne'ilah began and we even had a later blow of the Shofar. We were only done after 6pm although the Tel Aviv fast was over at 5.54pm.

Originally I was planning going to different shuls but because of the beauty of the new Chabad Synagogue I got stuck there. 

SHANA TOVA & METUKA - Have a great and sweet year !!!

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