Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Palestinians and Churches faking Jewish History


Those of you talking to Palestinians in Jerusalem's Arab Quarter in the Old City many times hear the local opinion: "Hitler was a great man but he could have been the greatest by killing ALL Jews !" This is how countless Palestinians think about us. 

Another claim you may hear is that there have never been two Jewish Tempels and that all Jewish history in Israel is a Jewish and Zionist lie. 

No one should be surprised when Palestinians make such claims, as they follow certain political interests and even try convincing the UN that Israel is Palestine and always has been Muslim. But it is not only the Arab world trying to change Jewish history. Also the Vatican, the Armenian Chruch as well as the Greek - Orthodox Church put themselves suddenly on the side of the Palestinians when it goes against the Jews.  

To the church, Jews are the living proof of G - d protecting His people (the Jews). As long as there are Jews, the church has no monopoly and has to face the true Jewish opinion and Torah. As long as there are Jews, we fight against Christian missionaries and keep on publishing the lies of the church.

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